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“If you were trying to invent the most efficient way to devastate communities and put children in danger, you would invent maternal mortality.

Bill & Melinda Gates, Gatekeepers: The Stories behind the data, 2017.

Together we can reduce maternal mortality by 5% within the coming year.

More women die from pregnancy-related illnesses in Nigeria than in any other country in the world. Many of these deaths are completely avoidable. Will you please help utackle this crisis?


Imagine a world where a woman’s joyous journey towards motherhood becomes perilous, a world where a family’s anticipation of a new member is marred by the grim fear of possibly losing the one who is bringing that life into the world. Regrettably, for many families in Nigeria, this isn’t a product of my imagination but a heartbreaking reality.


To put this in perspective, imagine a plane full of women crashing every single day for a whole year in Nigeria. This is the reality of our situation, as the figures on page 03 illustrate.


These distressing figures continue to rise each year, despite the fact that the majority of these deaths are entirely preventable. This year, we have developed an intervention aimed at combating this crisis, and with your invaluable support, we aspire to provide safe delivery for 5,000 pregnant women.

Will you please donate to help us support these 5,000 women?

Your donations will be used to train healthcare workers, pay for consistent antenatal care and safe delivery.

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