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MamaBase Intervention & e-Registry

The Problem

With the third highest maternal mortality ratio, MMR, in the world in 2020, Nigeria is facing a maternal mortality crisis with 1,047 deaths per 100,000 live births. This high ratio has been found to be due to direct or indirect obstetric complications some of which arise from preventable causes.

Increasing the population of women delivering in a health facility is challenging, as it requires comprehensive efforts to overcome multifaceted obstacles to accessing facility-based care. One important factor affecting interventions targeted at maternal mortality is the absence of quality and accurate data that presents the situation within the communities. Facility-based records miss out on the substantial proportion of women in Lagos State who utilize private health care, traditional birth attendants, and religious centres, or choose not to utilize formal healthcare making it difficult to target interventions to women and their families to reduce adverse maternal and child outcomes. and centres.

Our Solution

MamaBase is a project that seeks to address maternal mortality and morbidity by identifying vulnerable pregnant women within low-income communities, linking them to care and supporting them from pregnancy to delivery in a safe and healthy way that protects their dignity and well- being. The intervention will also create an e-registry of pregnant women within the State. It is a project that seeks to connect the healthcare system with the community, improve voluntary registration and utilization of health facilities and ultimately provide real-time evidence for interventions and policymaking.

After the pilot phase of this intervention, we envisage that over a year 5,000 women will be registered and linked to formal healthcare and that at least 80% of these women will access maternal services at the health facilities throughout the period of pregnancy from ANC to Delivery and PNC.

Our goal is to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity by 30% by 2030.

Our Impact

Number of women Registered = 5680
Number of deliveries = 505 deliveries recorded Reach = 20 LGAs in Lagos State

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