MRHR Collective

Multiple Training & Intervention Programs



Emergency Obstetrics Care

Refers to the specialized medical services and interventions provided to pregnant women during childbirth and the immediate postpartum period to ensure the safety and well-being of both the mother and the baby. MRHR recently trained doctors and nurses from primary health centres across Lagos state on the identification of emergency signs during pregnancy and how to administer the appropriate care. This include courses on uterotonics, maternal sepsis, postpartum haemorrhage etc.

Instrumental Vaginal Delivery

This training equips skilled birth attendants with the knowledge of using a vacuum or forceps in vaginal deliveries.

Respectful Maternity Care

Refers to an organized form of care provided for all women in a manner that maintains their dignity, privacy and confidentiality, ensures freedom from harm and mistreatment and enables informed choice and continuous support during labour and childbirth. This includes courses on Good Labour Ward practices,

Data Audit

This training involves educating data managers, monitoring and evaluation officers as well as records officers at the PHCs on data management, security and compliance.

Cervical Cancer Screening Program

The program involved the screening of hundreds of women in Lagos using visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) to determine their risk and refer them appropriately. We also taught them about various reproductive health measures to preserve their reproductive health and present early when they have specific symptoms.


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