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PHC Digitisation in Lagos State

In line with our belief in collaboration, we are working closely with both public and private partners to determine through rigorous evaluation research if and how the newly deployed digital tool across Primary Healthcare Facilities in Lagos State can improve facility operational efficiency and provide quality services and drive continuity/coverage of PHC services (e.g., immunization, ANC/PNC, FP, malaria, HIV, TB, etc.).

Also, we are to find out if the digital tool enhances real-time data visibility at the PHC facility level, which can in turn enable better health systems operational data and therefore operations management and planning at the facility level (as well as LGA and state level) with appropriate data use and performance management support.

This project kickstarted on 1st of July, 2023 and a number of engagements with relevant stakeholders have taken place resulting in the development of a specific Theory of Change to guide the study throughout the project life cycle.

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